The talent of mature women and their legacy for Humanity

  • Marina Troncoso Rodríguez Vigo University, García Barbón 112, 36201 Vigo
Keywords: Elderly woman, contribution, active ageing


This paper is a compilation of facts about women who shone in their youth either for their research, their works of art, or their social and political activities, and who remained active in their later years, when they became what are commonly called senior citizens. It was during these years that these brilliant women managed to crystallise and consolidate the work they had done all of their life, bringing about changes in scientific, artistic, cultural and social fields, leaving behind a legacy of knowledge for future generations.

 A small host of women representing different disciplines has been chosen here, and all of these women were active in their later life. Many others who could have been included will not be found, not only because there is not enough space here to mention all of them here, but also because there is a lack of sources dealing with the millions of senior heroines who are anonymous; elderly women who play a vital role in the development of humanity when they pass on knowledge and values; women who remain active in their later years and who only retire the day they die

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Marina Troncoso Rodríguez, Vigo University, García Barbón 112, 36201 Vigo

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