High treason. The activity of The Communist Party of Western Belarus in Vilnius in 1930–1935


  • SERGIUSZ ŁUKASIEWICZ University of Wrocław, Poland




communism, Second Polish Republic, Communist Party of Western Belarus, Vilnius, State Police, Vilnius Voivodeship


The purpose of this paper is to attempt to explain the activities of the Communist Party of Western Belarus in Vilnius during the fi rst half of the thirties of the twentieth century. The author’s aim is to show the organisation, theory and practice of this illegal party. Further-more, the intention is to present the activities of Vilnius police towards communist sym-pathizers and activists. Founded in 1923 in Vilnius, the Communist Party of Western Belaruswas a branch of The Communist Party of Poland. This organization like the polish communist party was illegal. Its aim was to combat the Polish state and to perform electioneering for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Although the name of the party could indicate a desire for independence of Belarus, in practice it was for the removal of the north eastern provinces of the Second Republic of Poland to the USSR. CPWB activity had a special dimension in Vilnius. As the region’s largest city and former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Vilnus was home for many nations, religions and cultures. Moreover, Vil-nius was the most important fi eld for communist action. Given the number of inhabitants, industrialized multi-ethnic character, communists had the opportunity to develop wide subversive and conspiratorial work. In addition, the city was the great centre of production and distribution of communist publications, which allowed the spread of propaganda in both its administrative boundaries and in the Vilnius Voivodeship.


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ŁUKASIEWICZ, S. (2020). High treason. The activity of The Communist Party of Western Belarus in Vilnius in 1930–1935. Journal of Education Culture and Society, 3(1), 82–93. https://doi.org/10.15503/jecs20121.82.93