University studies of future psychologists to work with autistic children


  • Aleksander Shulgenko Faculty of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Dragomanov National Pedagogic University, 9 Turgenivska st., Kiev, Ukraine
  • Ihor Ostrovskii Faculty of Telecommunications, Lviv Polytechnical National University, 12 Bandery st., Lviv, Ukraine



module system of higher education, students, autistic children


The aim of the study. Help autistic children in Ukraine is inadequate due to a lack of well-trained specialists. This article is dedicated to the problem of preparation of specialists for the work with autistic children by the module system of higher education. Methods. The methodological basis for constructing an educational module is to use the elements of graph theory, which can detect basic blocks, functions of the educational module, and identify the components of the content of the module and install interrelationships between them. To determine the content of the educational module were used the results of the survey of parents and professionals who work with autistic children. There have also been investigated indicators of 60 autistic children by Binet-Simon and CARS methods in the experimental and reference group. In the experimental group are specialists who have been trained by TEACCH method, whereas in reference group are specialists who do not have special education in the fi eld of ASD. Results. The results of the survey of parents and professionals as well as indicators of autistic children of experimental and reference group have shown a greater progress in development of autistic children in experimental group. Taking into account the results an educational modul for preparation of psychologists for work with autistic children was
constructed. The modul consists of 8 blocks that include clinical, correctional and therapeutic knowledge and covers 5 functions of preparation of practical psychologists: diagnostical, predictive, corrective, coordinative and  productive, that provides success in the development of autistic child. Conclusions. Creation and the improvement of the contents of the modules, which deal with the question of autistic disorders, are interconnected with the quality of providing educational and correctional-teaching services for children and families in which they are educated.


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Shulgenko, A. ., & Ostrovskii, I. . (2020). University studies of future psychologists to work with autistic children. Journal of Education Culture and Society, 5(1), 87-96.