Competences and qualifications in outdoor education




outdoor education, adventure education, competences


Aim: A synthesis of different researches on outcomes in adventure and outdoor education was used in this paper, in order to develop universal tool, aiming to support analyzes of future groundwork materials in competences researches.

Method: The article is based on extended literature review. The research becomes more multiplying than comparative in nature, or serves to deepen or add knowledge about outcomes in adventure outdoor education.

Results: In this theoretical reasoning attempt of selection, classification, connection within broader categories of competences was made by reviewing previous researches and literature, moreover tested on examples of concrete educational process.

Conclusion: In reviewed literature researchers often use tools designed particularly to serve this purpose and that are aimed at structuring the skills and competences acquired by participants of this kind of education. Other researchers dealing with this topic are likely to experience a difficulty while trying to summarize and compare the results of other research presented in literature due to the various classifications and terminology used.



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  • Paulina Kida, University of Wrocław, Institute of Pedagogy, Dawida 1/3, Wrocław, Poland

    Institute of Pedagogy

    PhD Student




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