New journal! Andragogy Call for papers


“Andragogy, Adult Education and Social Marketing”

(ISSN 2545-286X, ) is an international scientific journal published by the Pro Scientia Publica Foundation ( ) since 2021.

The journal is interdisciplinary, and publishes articles on the essence and contexts of adult education in such sub-disciplines as: Adult Education, Gerontology, Human Resources in Economy, Civil Society, Welfare Services, Social Norms/ Social Control, Social Philosophy, Social Development, Educational Psychology,  Social Psychology and Group Interaction, Organizational Psychology, Media Studies, Political Psychology,  Sociology of Culture.

The journal is ongoing, published online in English (with the possibility of adding translations in other conference languages ​​and Polish). The waiting time for publication is approximately 1-8 weeks. All articles are published in Open Access.

The topic for 2022 will be

Critical thinking in adult education’.

We accept previously unpublished articles (we are guided by the ethical principles of COPE ( ), edited according to APA standards ( ).

We are waiting for original articles, both review, conducive and research.

Texts for publication should be sent by email the editor-in-chief [email protected] .