"Journal of Education Culture and Society" 2015_2


The biopolitics of violence: Instances of Anti-Semitism in interwar Romania


Mihai Adrian Panu

Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Science. West University of Timişoara. Blvd. V. Parvan, nr. 4
300223 Timişoara, Romania




 The primacy of totalitarian ideologies in interwar Europe represents even nowadays a major historiographical challenge due to its multicausal character and various forms of appearance. This paper attempts to analyze the anti-Semitic phenomenon in interwar Romania primarily by taking into account its determinant factors. We assume that the emergence of radical ideologies in Central and Eastern Europe can optimally be understood if both regional and systemic causes are properly highlighted. The regional causes include local societal predispositions, ethno-cultural cleavages and specific political movements. On the other hand the systemic causes imply predominantly geopolitical factors and the repartition of power in the international system. Moreover we assume that the emergence and manifestations of extremism can be considered a direct result of political disputes between ethno-cultural groups which were systematically exposed to ideological and propaganda pressure.


Key words:

Anti-Semitism, Ethnicity, Biopolitics, Eugenics, Eastern Europe


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20152.43.52   pdf full version