Social Barriers to Effective Communication in Old Age


Anna Sanecka
The Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Faculty of Theology,
Miodowa 21C, 00-246 Warsaw, Poland
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Some communication barriers apply particularly to elderly people. The social barriers to effective communication in old age are the barriers caused by stereotypes of old age/elderly people and the barriers arising from limitations in using mass communication by seniors. Stereotypes of old age/elderly people embrace views regarding old people’s communication skills and the ideas about the correct way of communication with them. Therefore the communication problems of old people are correlated with the little and poor communication processes they are participating in. This seems to be a result of impetuses of poor quality sent to seniors by their communication partners. Not only face to face communication but also mass  communication is very important for the elderly population. Therefore limitations in using new technologies and new communication channels as well as a limited presence in the mass media of content created by seniors and for seniors have an impact on their life, their well-being, and their interpersonal relationships. These problems are especially important when we faced with the ever growing population of elderly people.


Key words:

old age; communication; communication barriers; social barriers; stereotypes; mass communication; uses of mass communication; elderly/old people; stereotypes of elderly people/old age; ageism


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20142.144.153                            pdf full version