Psychological characteristics of emotional intelligence of teachers working with children of developmental disorders


National Pedagogical University of MP Drahomanova, 9 Pirogov Str., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine




 The paper discusses emotional intelligence as a factor of effective teaching. Emotional intelligence, in broad interpretation, is de ned as the ability to differentiate between posi-tive and negative emotions, and the ability to change one’s emotional condition from a  poor to a better one. Internal and external components are inherent in the emotional com-ponent, and they can provide stress protecting and adaptive functions of this integral con-cept. Also it highlights psychological characteristics of teachers working with children with developmental disorders. Psychological requirements for specialists who work with indi-viduals with special educational needs include psychological willingness of a personality for this work. This willingness can be considered as an integrated quality of a personality including a system of motivation, knowledge, skills, certain experience, personal qualities that ensure successful activity.


Key words:

 emotional intelligence, emotional awareness, empathy, emotion recognition, psychological characteristics of a personality


  DOI: 10.15503/jecs20132-29-35


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