Internet addiction and cyberchondria - Their relationship with Well-Being


 Eliza Ivanova

Sofia University of Kliment Ohridski, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd,1504 Sofia, Bulgaria



 The current paper presents the results from some research on the relationship between In-ternet addiction, cyberchondria, and different aspects of well-being. The information available on the Internet, which is not necessarily truthful and accurate, can unreasonably amplify users health concerns. Problematic Internet use, health anxiety aroused by online searches for health information and escalation of health concerns as an indicator of cyberchondria, are all associated with a decrease in subjective and eudaimonic well-being as well as in self-esteem. The analyses indicate positive relationships between depressive symptoms on the one hand, and Internet ad-diction and health anxiety, on the other. A conclusion regarding the existence of a relationship between Internet addiction, cyberchondria and decreased levels of well-being could be drawn from the research. Furthermore, the results suggest that self-esteem and eudaimonic well-being correlate positively with the number of people with whom users communicate online.


Key words:

 Internet addiction, health anxiety, cyberchondria, well-being


  DOI: 10.15503/jecs20131-57-70


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