Traditional Ukrainian songs as performed by folk choirs of ‘Sloboda’ Ukraine


 Vlada Rusina
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 54, Vladimirskaya Str. Kiev-30 252601, Ukraine



 In the context of the worldwide globalization processes the issues pertaining to the quest for national identity acquire a particular signifi cance. This is true in the case of Ukraine as a newly-independent state in the establishment and consolidation phase. In the conditions marked by a general obliteration of folk customs and traditions it is folk amateur choirs/gatherings (hurts) that often become vehicles of folk culture. This study pres-ents rare records of traditional Ukrainian songs, some of them dating back to the 19th century, which the author made in the course of several fi eld trips.


Key words:

 folk customs and traditions, national identity awareness, song folklore, bal-lads, Ukraine


  DOI: 10.15503/jecs20131-236-242


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