Teacher preparation reforms in Kosovo


 Arberore Bicaj
arberore6@hotmail.com University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Fatlume Berisha
fberisha@uwalumni.com University of Prishtina, Pristina 10000, Kosovo




 Education is the key supporter of society, yet at the same time it is the main challenge to humanity and society. The need for change is incontestable in all fi elds, including that of education. Education in Kosovo has taken a long, challenging and extremely diffi cult journey. Such challenging situations are a result of the low level of economic and social development in Ko-sovo. Today, education in Kosovo is considered to have made   signifi cant progress as a result of fundamental reforms of the education system towards standardization to the European Union education system. This paper aims to analyze the historical, political and economic infl uence on the edu-cation system in Kosovo in general and the teacher education in particular, on its course to-wards implementation of the objectives of the Bologna Process and integration into the Euro-pean Higher Education Area (EHEA).


Key words:

 Education, teacher, teacher qualifications, Bologna Process


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20131-199-208


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