The role of tertiary education in career and life-long learning among day-time students (based on empirical findings)


 Csilla Czeglédi Szent István University, Hungary

Tímea Juhász
Szent István University, 2100 Godollo, Peter Charles Street 1, Hungary



 There is an increased demand for education in our society. The expectations of employers and the economy in general have also changed; knowledge is fast becoming the driving force behind labour market competitiveness. Seeing these tendencies, we had to ask ourselves how the most involved group, the students see their situation. How do they see the role of educa-tion in their career paths as well as in life-long learning? We conducted our research in this fi eld in the second half of last year. In this essay, we are publishing some partial results of that research in order to prove the hypothesis made during our studies.


Key words:

 career, life-long learning, choosing school, motivational tools


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20131-190-198


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