Body, spirit and gender in Maria Komornicka’s poetry

Katarzyna Lisowska



This paper concerns three significant concepts in Maria Komornicka’s writings: body, spirit and gender. The first two are closely related to each other, thus initial paragraphs are devoted to them both. On the basis of these reflections, I draw some conclusion about the image of gender created by the poet. The notion of gender is analysed in terms of Young Poland discourse of gender and from the perspective of modern methodologies: feminist criticism as well as gender and queer studies. This paper aims at encouraging the reader to reinterpret M. Komornicka’s output with contemporary awareness.


Key words:

androgyny, anthropology, body, decadence movement, spirit, expressionism, evolutionism, cultural construct, convention, gender, scientism, identity


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20111-96-106


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