Simulative and esoteric aspects of pornography


Jacek Gulanowski



N. Wolf, a third wave feminist, in her controversial essay The Porn Myth discusses the question of switching previously taken positions: pornography has become a model for sex and sex the reflection of pornography. She sees the coming of the Internet and the adjustment of pornography to this medium as the root of the aforementioned transition. Contemporary pornography is a point where the works of postmodernists (especially J. Baudrillard and his theory of simulation and simulacra) and the pessimistic historiosophy of traditionalists and conservatives (particularly J. Evola and J. R. R. Tolkien). Meet focusing on the achievements of the postmodern world and traditional spirituality researchers can be very useful in portraying this complex and controversial phenomenon.


Key words:

pornography, sex, simulation, simulacrum, esotericism, symbol, religion, mythology, postmodernism, internet

DOI: 10.15503/jecs20102-78-93