Magdalena Andrejczuk

Corporate social responsibility in shaping the media image of the company



Enterprises frequently employ Corporate Socia l Responsibility (CSR) to create a positive brand image in the media. To further good relations with stakeholders, companies create an image before their customers by their participation in public campaigns and information in advertisements employing elements of CSR. Discussing this practice, I will highlight aspects of this phenomenon in the context of consumer opinion about advertisements. Some examples of companies show that Cause Related Marketing (CRM) and public campaigns are becoming more significant in the strategies of cause related companies. Enterprises at all costs want to buy their way into the favour of stakeholders, and through various marketing actions they try to build a strong brand and position in this way. In spite of the low evaluation of advertisements and the decline in confidence in them, enterprises aim to convince everyone that they are socially responsible companies.

Key words:

corporate social responsibility, cause related marketing, stakeholder, brand, advertising, social campaigns, media image


DOI: 10.15503/jecs20101-19-25